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Published December 18, 2022

Somewhere Between Reality and Imagination: Anna Ortiz's Studio Spotlight

By Kate Parvenski

Kate is the Content Lead for Testudo and a Brooklyn-based multimedia producer with a passion for art and storytelling. Her work focuses on documenting and showcasing artists working across a variety of mediums.

Anna Ortiz is a Mexican-American painter living in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in Worcester Massachusetts, Ortiz spent much of her childhood visiting her family in Guadalajara Mexico. There she studied painting with her grandfather Alfonso who was a professional portrait painter. Her love for painting and travel led her to study in Paris at the Ecole du Louvre while in her undergraduate studies at Tufts and the Museum School. Ortiz continued her education at Tyler, receiving her MFA in painting in Philadelphia and Rome. Ortiz moved to New York in 2006 and has never stopped traveling. She has exhibited at Proto Gomez, Selenas Mountain, Front Room Gallery and My Pet Ram.

We met with Anna in her Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio to learn more about her practice, influences, and surrealist landscape paintings.

Close ups of Codigo, Nocturno, Guerrera, and La Sequía. Photo credit: Emile Askey.
The more I built out this landscape, the more I felt like this is about a journey and I'm inviting the viewer to come through it with me.
Image Credit: Kate Parvenski

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