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Shared Histories: Benny & Cristian on Following Your Instincts and Building a Collection

By Kate Parvenski

Benny Or & Cristian Shoemaker's art collecting journey began organically, but they didn't start to consider themselves “collectors" until recently. Through their art-filled home in Brooklyn, they have cultivated an environment that inspires creativity and serves as a regular reminder of the beauty in the world. Join us as we explore the stories, inspirations, and shared vision behind their unique art collection.

  • Documenting the Experience of Black Cowboys: A Conversation with Charles Lee

    By Emily Wilson

    Photographer Charles Lee speaks with Emily Wilson about his first solo exhibition at SF Camerawork, sweat+dirt. The two discuss his unwavering commitment to document the Black experience in the American West, which has a cultural history that long predates the archetype of the Marlboro man. His fascination with the subject began not long after his cousin, a Zydeco musician, introduced him to the Black Cowboy Parade in West Oakland.

  • Hana Yilma Godine's 'A Brush in the Universe' Transcends Time and Place

    By Jahunyia Healis

    From her studio in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, painter Hana Yilma Godine speaks about her latest solo show in New York City at two locations: The Fridman Gallery on the Bowery and the Rachel Uffner Gallery on the Lower East Side. Godine discusses her educational journey, process, and the themes in her work.

  • What Lives in the Empty: An Interview with Trevor King

    By Sidney Mullis

    Growing up in Butler, PA, Trevor King mines his childhood environment and personal family relationships to show us that empty, abandoned spaces still have a sound. Pittsburgh-based artist Sidney Mullis met with Trevor for a walk-through of the exhibition earlier this month. After the visit, the pair sat down for a conversation on object making, drawing from historical and personal archives, and mentorship.

  • Explorations in Art Theory Part 2: We Can or We Kant?

    By Taliesin Thomas

    In the second installment of this four-part series, writer Taliesin Thomas investigates the ideas of Immanuel Kant, dubbed the father of modern aesthetics. Kant's theories created the idea of formalism - Thomas explores where his theories are helpful while also probing their limitations.

  • Blurry Blueprints: Minami Kobayashi and Adrianne Rubenstein’s duo show at Et al. etc.

    By Daniel Sharp

    Writer Daniel Sharp explores a personal experience he had viewing Minami Kobayashi and Adrianne Rubenstein's two-person show at Et al. etc. in San Francisco. In this essay, Sharp reflects on the power of take-homes, the importance of exhibition text, and finding comfort in the unknown.

  • Pittsburgh’s Bunker Projects & How Artist-Run Spaces Tackle Art, Money, and Community

    By Lexi Bishop

    For over 70 years, artist-run spaces have challenged the commercial art world in order to prioritize experimentation and establish a community outside the mainstream, often contributing to the growth of once-neglected neighborhoods. Now over ten years old, Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA has become a unique example of sustainability without sacrificing its radical roots.