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Courtney Puckett Creates a Field of Her Own

By Annabel Keenan

Courtney Puckett is a Hudson Valley-based artist working with found materials and textiles to create sculptures that explore the world around her. Taking on different "characters", Puckett's sculptures reflect people and occupations of everyday life, inviting the viewer to parse meaning in our societal roles. Upon joining Testudo's roster of artists, Puckett shared her experience of discovering fiber art by abandoning painting for the more playful, malleable material she found in textiles.

  • Play & Purpose: Kelsey Tynik's Studio Spotlight

    By Kate Parvenski

    Kelsey Tynik is an interdisciplinary sculptor who has exhibited in New York, Connecticut, Arkansas, Texas, and California. Her work investigates glee and sentimentality realized through material, technique, and play. Kate visited Kelsey in her Mansfield, Connecticut studio to learn more about her practice and explorations in fabric and wood.

  • Carlos Rosales-Silva on Constraints & Community

    By Helena Haimes

    Carlos Rosales-Silva is an artist and educator who makes bold sculptures, paintings and installations that reflect on the vernacular culture of the American Southwest, where he grew up. Carlos and Helena talked about the deep and lasting impact of his El Paso upbringing, the joys and challenges of making a living as an artist in NYC, and the relationship between his commissioned projects and studio practice.

  • Poyen Wang on Filmmaking, World-Building, and Endearing Insanity

    By Annette An-Jen Liu

    Poyen Wang is a NYC-based artist and filmmaker, born and raised in Taiwan. Working primarily with 3D computer graphics, his work explores personal and collective emotions, with a focus on the queer and immigrant experience. Ahead of his latest solo show, Endearing Insanity, at Essex Flowers, Poyen and Annette discuss his semi-autobiographical practice, influences, and his newest video work.

  • Pixels, QR Codes, and Square Paintings: In conversation with artist Julia Rooney

    By Amanda Millet-Sorsa

    Brooklyn based artist Julia Rooney’s multidisciplinary practice encompasses painting, works on paper and installation that explore the tensions between analog and digital media. Amanda Millet-Sorsa and Rooney met in her studio; their conversation centered around the process and ideas behind her new work intended for the upcoming exhibition at Freight + Volume.

  • Self As Multitude: Avery Z Nelson paints the joy and complexity of gender fluidity

    By Helena Haimes

    Avery Z Nelson’s sensuous paintings are visual explorations of becoming trans, embracing a world where categories dissolve and firmly held distinctions are rapturously thrust into ambiguous territory. Avery and Helena discuss the deep impact of coming out as trans on their practice, the importance of the human connections they forged through raving, and the profound effect of Covid-related shutdowns.

  • She has her mother’s eyes: An interview with Kim Garcia

    By Kate Parvenski

    Kim Garcia's hybrid material practice combines sculpture, drawing, and painting to explore social dynamics and residual trauma from interpersonal relationships, community structures, and memory. In our latest Testudo interview, Kim discusses the role of fiction in her practice and current series, "she haunts," exploring folklore through inherited oral narratives.

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