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Indigenous Matriarchs, Art as Cultural Preservation, and Experiencing the Human Touch in Clay: An Interview with Artist Raven Halfmoon

By Annie Lyall Slaughter

With her show, “Raven Halfmoon: Flags of Our Mothers,” currently on view at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut, Annie Lyall Slaughter interviewed artist Raven Halfmoon for a conversation on indigenous perseverance, falling in love with clay, and bringing contemporary ideas to ancient traditions.

  • Zoë Buckman’s Embroidered Scenes Pulse with Pain and Poignancy

    By Annie Lyall Slaughter

    Stepping into a “vulnerable state of newness” for her latest solo show, artist Zoë Buckman has seamlessly combined her mastery of embroidery with appliqué, ink painting, and textile work to create eleven vibrantly colored mixed-media portraits that stir the soul. In this conversation, Buckman discusses her latest body of work and her inimitable practice.

  • Art School for the Wild: An Interview with Sarah Grass, Artist and Founder of The Pack

    By Kate Parvenski

    In addition to her studio practice, Sarah Grass is Founder of The Pack, a new alternative art school. Now in its third year, the school offers both short and long-term virtual courses, one-off intuitive art reading sessions, and ongoing drop-in sessions. Having served over 50 participants in 10 states, five countries, and counting, The Pack is carving out a new (digital) space for artists seeking a different kind of creative dialogue.

  • 6 Stand-Out Gallery Shows in New York City This September

    By John Dennehy

    With so many shows to see at galleries around New York City, our co-founder selected six stand-out September shows. Featuring a diverse array of artists and mediums, these shows are not to be missed this month as the summer fades.

  • 5 Museum Shows to See This Fall in New York City

    By John Dennehy

    In a city with so much on offer, here are 5 exhibits to see in New York City this fall. The selected shows offer an impressive variety and span different artistic mediums, time periods, and geographies. From the origins of Fauvism to contemporary conceptualism, these shows provide a comprehensive and diverse opportunity to broaden your horizons.

  • Fire Island Pines at 70: Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

    By Matthew Herskowitz

    For the 70th Anniversary of Fire Island Pines, John Dempsey and Ben Tousley document decades in gay paradise in a limited release booklet. Using the book as a guide, writer Matthew Herskowitz traces the enclave's history with artists.

  • Studio In Situ and Ecological Equilibrium: Interview with Artist Duo Alchemyverse

    By Yihsuan Chiu

    Alchemyverse, the NYC-based artist duo, makes multisensorial installations, rooted in extensive field research and production in remote locations, trace passage of time and the history of the earth. Yihsuan Chiu connected with Alchemyverse during their artist residency on Rabbit Island, Michigan.