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  • Studio Spotlight: J.C. Fontanive

    By Kate Parvenski

    Take a deeper look into the artistic practice of J.C. Fontanive as we tour his studio in Ridgewood, NY. Learn more about his process, which employs a back-and-forth between 2D and 3D.

  • Studio Spotlight: Daniela Puliti

    By Kate Parvenski

    Daniela Puliti creates Feminist mixed-media painting and installations. We caught up with Daniela in her New Jersey studio to chat about her evolving practice.

  • Studio Spotlight: Lara Saget

    By Kate Parvenski

    Testudo recently spent an afternoon with Lara Saget at her Gowanus studio and nearby Brooklyn Glass. Watch to see Lara and her collaborator Josh Raiffe create an artwork by pouring molten glass over a mold of Tuckahoe marble.

  • Studio Spotlight: Claire Burkett

    By Kate Parvenski

    Claire Burkett is a fine artist born and raised in northwest Washington state. She is based in Brooklyn, New York and is working predominantly in acrylic painting. Here's a first-hand look at her studio practice and surrealist paintings.

  • Studio Spotlight: Katita Miller

    By Kate Parvenski

    Katita Miller uses collage and pattern to reconstruct events and spaces she can no longer access. Drawing upon distant memories and images, her paintings are maximalist, multilayered surfaces that fluctuate between the mundane and the fantastical. Take a look at Katita’s studio practice here.

  • Studio Spotlight: Luis Emilio Romero

    By Kate Parvenski

    Luis Emilio Romero grew up in Guatemala, surrounded by lush green wildlife and an abundance of high-altitude mountains. As a painter, he uses an approach that emphasizes both structure and abstraction. Here's a first-hand look at his studio practice and weaving-inspired paintings.

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