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  • Drawing as a Mirror: Sarah Grass's Studio Spotlight

    By Kate Parvenski

    Sarah Grass’s drawings are a testament to the profound connection between inner experience and external form, embodied in the ever-shifting symbolism of a shapeshifting dachshund. With soft colors and intricate linework, the Chilean-American artist treads complex regions of human consciousness. Join us on our visit to Sarah’s Ridgewood, Queens studio for a behind-the-scenes look at her meditative drawing practice.

  • Evolving the Narrative: Kim Garcia's Sculptural Practice

    By Kate Parvenski

    Kim Garcia is an artist working in sculpture, drawing, and painting. Through her 2nd-generation Filipino American lens, her practice explores social dynamics and residual trauma from interpersonal relationships, community structures, and memory. We visited Kim in her Los Angeles studio for a behind-the-scenes look at her unique process of making and archiving personal histories.

  • New Formations: Hanna Washburn's Studio Spotlight

    By Kate Parvenski

    Hanna Washburn is an artist and curator living in New York's Hudson Valley. Using remnants of discarded textiles and forgotten household items, she constructs compound sculptural forms that look and behave like bodies or body parts. Join us on our visit to Hanna's Beacon, NY studio for a conversation on materials, inspiration, and the ever-evolving nature of her process.

  • Monumental Moments: Eli Kauffman's Theatrical Oil Paintings

    By Kate Parvenski

    Using iPhone photography and film stills from popular television shows as source material, Eli Kauffman paints dramatic, life-sized depictions of coming of age scenes. We joined Eli in their Providence, Rhode Island home studio for a conversation on magical realism, working with color, and bringing figure painting to a wider audience.

  • Drawing With Clay: Judd Schiffman's Studio Spotlight

    By Kate Parvenski

    We visited ceramic sculptor Judd Schiffman in his Rhode Island studio for a conversation on the significance of working with clay and the life experiences that are his source materials.

  • Symbols for a New Direction: Michael Cuadrado's Studio Spotlight

    By Kate Parvenski

    We spoke with our featured artist Michael Cuadrado in his studio at Yale for a conversation on abstraction, his influences, and the spiritual nature of pattern-painting.