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  • Explorations in Art Theory Part 2: We Can or We Kant?

    By Taliesin Thomas

    In the second installment of this four-part series, writer Taliesin Thomas investigates the ideas of Immanuel Kant, dubbed the father of modern aesthetics. Kant's theories created the idea of formalism - Thomas explores where his theories are helpful while also probing their limitations.

  • Pittsburgh’s Bunker Projects & How Artist-Run Spaces Tackle Art, Money, and Community

    By Lexi Bishop

    For over 70 years, artist-run spaces have challenged the commercial art world in order to prioritize experimentation and establish a community outside the mainstream, often contributing to the growth of once-neglected neighborhoods. Now over ten years old, Bunker Projects in Pittsburgh, PA has become a unique example of sustainability without sacrificing its radical roots.

  • Seen by Testudo: Exhibitions at NADA Miami 2023

    By John Dennehy

    Each year in December, the art world descends on Miami for its annual art week. From fairs like Art Basel, NADA, and Untitled to institutional shows at ICA, the Bass, and the Pérez, for a few days Miami seems to be the center of the universe. Here are 5 booths from NADA that stood out, featuring galleries Super Dakota, Sara's, The Valley, Cooper Cole, and Towards.

  • How the Art World is Evolving: A Conversation with Cristin Tierney

    By Taliesin Thomas

    Cristin Tierney has run her eponymous New York gallery since 2010. In this interview with Taliesin Thomas, who has known her for over 20 years, she discusses how the art world is evolving post-pandemic, how she develops relationships with artists, and some of the most thrilling exhibitions from 2023.

  • Seen by Testudo: November Exhibitions in New York

    By John Dennehy

    With so many shows to see at galleries around New York City, our co-founder selected six stand-out November shows. Featuring a diverse array of artists and mediums, these shows are not to be missed this month.

  • Explorations in Art Theory Part 1: Insights and Intrigues

    By Taliesin Thomas

    In the first installment of a four-part series, writer Taliesin Thomas identifies core issues, critical thinkers, and key theoretical texts that inform our understanding of art and aesthetics today. These essays investigate theoretical concepts to galvanize a foundation for engaging with artworks. First up: a look at why art theory matters and why Plato remains such a core figure in the field.