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  • So Much Bigger on the Surface of Things: Design & Holism in the Work of Philip Seibel

    By Elliott Mickleburgh

    The intersection between art and design has historically generated a number of interesting perspectives on aesthetics. Through Boris Groys’s writing on self-design, Timothy Morton’s contributions to object-oriented philosophy, and the work of the artist Philip Seibel, this text examines how the innermost functionality and the surface qualities of a thing come together to say something profound.

  • Night Shifts: Art Finds a New Home in Nightclubs

    By Jack Lancaster

    Using three recent exhibitions as anchors, Jack Lancaster explores how the history of modern and contemporary art were shaped by artists showing work outside traditional gallery spaces.

  • Surrealist Claude Cahun's Radical Legacy

    By Lorna Eriksson

    Explore the work and life of Claude Cahun, a pioneering artist who challenged norms of gender and identity, openly resisted the rise of fascism, and continues to inspire artists working today.

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