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Published August 17, 2023

New Formations: Hanna Washburn's Studio Spotlight

By Kate Parvenski

Kate is the Director of Content for Testudo and a Brooklyn-based multimedia producer with a passion for art and storytelling. Her work focuses on documenting and showcasing artists working across a variety of mediums.

Hanna Washburn is an artist and curator living in New York's Hudson Valley. Using remnants of discarded textiles and forgotten household items, she constructs compound sculptural forms that look and behave like bodies or body parts. Working intuitively with these once-utilitarian materials, Hanna’s forms evolve organically into complex aggregates of color, pattern, and texture.

Join us on our visit to Hanna's Beacon, NY studio for a conversation on materials, inspiration, and the ever-evolving nature of her process.

Image credit: Kate Parvenski
The idea of these works being created in my studio, living with me and then going on to find a new home and a new life feels like this really natural next step for them after they've kind of taken on their forms. The idea of them almost walking out of the studio onto their next life feels really right and kind of poetic to me.
Image credit: Kate Parvenski

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