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Published January 28, 2024

Evolving the Narrative: Kim Garcia's Sculptural Practice

By Kate Parvenski

Kate is the Director of Content for Testudo and a Brooklyn-based multimedia producer with a passion for art and storytelling. Her work focuses on documenting and showcasing artists working across a variety of mediums.

Kim Garcia is an artist working in sculpture, drawing, and painting. Through her 2nd-generation Filipino American lens, her practice explores social dynamics and residual trauma from interpersonal relationships, community structures, and memory.

Inspired by folklore passed down by her mother, and blending elements of fiction and reality, Kim’s work examines the power of oral narrative to transform trauma into power.

We visited Kim in her Los Angeles studio for a behind-the-scenes look at her unique process of making and archiving personal histories.

Image credit: Kate Parvenski
By erecting these objects, I’m embedding the story into the skin of the object. I like thinking about it as a different way of transcribing an archive through the objects emitting the story.
'remedies' by Kim Garcia, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

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