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Published October 12, 2022

Visualizing Emotions Through Clay: Jinsik Yoo’s Studio Spotlight

By Kate Parvenski

Kate is the Content Lead for Testudo and a Brooklyn-based multimedia producer with a passion for art and storytelling. Her work focuses on documenting and showcasing artists working across a variety of mediums.

This Studio Spotlight takes us to Philadelphia to visit Jinsik Yoo at the Clay Studio, a nonprofit started in 1974 that serves as a beacon for ceramic arts for the entire United States. Jinsik is currently a resident artist there, splitting his time between Philadelphia and Brooklyn. In this film, we witness Jinsik making work in the Clay Studio’s recently-opened workshop space.

In discussing his artistic practice, Jinsik describes his journey to becoming an artist. After graduating from university, he worked in graphic design for larger companies - but the work felt more like coming up with answers when his real desire was to make art as a way to generate questions to explore.

His work expresses a desire to visualize emotion. As he notes in the interview, “I was obsessed with the idea that if I could see the emotion, it would be easier to find a way to figure out.”

Photos 1-2: Jinsik Yoo, Two views of Last Summer, No. 05. Photos 3-4: Jinsik Yoo, Two views of Last Summer, No. 14. Photographs: Emile Askey
Imagine a new story by looking at a sculpture. I want you to notice that the story is your story. It's a conversation with my work. My work will become a mirror and create new stories or memories based on what you have experienced.
Image Credit: Kate Parvenski

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