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Published July 29, 2022

Testudo Pitch Guide

About Testudo: Testudo is the gateway to collecting unique contemporary art made by studio artists. Testudo harnesses the immediacy and agility of its digital presence to connect more people with art of our moment and build enduring collections over time. By providing access to each artist’s intention and practice through documentary videos, original editorials, and transparent information, Testudo opens up the exclusive art market.

Editorial Mission: Testudo Editorial strives to produce and commission engaging contemporary art content that informs, excites, or guides our audience of collectors, artists, curators, and art enthusiasts.

Audience Sketch: Our target tends to be young, generally in their mid-20s to mid-40s. They have some knowledge of art history, conservation, design, and/or curation but may not have formal education or professional training in those fields. They are less likely to be well-established or highly connected in the art world.

Values and Voice:

  • We love art: We have an insatiable enjoyment of art and the people who make it. We’re pushing the art market forward and aren’t afraid to take risks with our artists with regard to subject matter or medium. We prioritize content that champions art happening today.
  • We lift diverse voices: We provide a platform for and elevate artists who are historically underrepresented in the art world, including BIPOC artists, queer artists, and artists of color. We encourage pitches that similarly support this commitment.
  • We’re transparent: Transparency is key for collectors and artists to earn our trust.
  • We’re always humble: As we invite more people to participate in the art world, we are happy to be humble and provide education that our audience may feel uncomfortable asking.
  • Steadfast commitment to quality: We focus tirelessly on quality in everything we do. From editorial articles to printed materials, we always ensure the quality of our output meets our rigorous standards. There is no detail too small.

Preferred Freelance Content:

  • Artist Interviews: In-depth interviews with artists working today. We are particularly interested in emerging and mid-career artists working across a diversity of mediums. We are most interested in seeing artists speak about their current/upcoming work.
  • Collector/Curator Interviews: Similarly to artists interviews, we’re very interested in talking with curators who work with emerging and mid-career artists or collectors who are championing the work of emerging and mid-career artists.
  • Essays: Profiles of emerging or mid-career artists or their body of work with exploration of references to art history or art theory or connection to other fields (technology, activism, politics, environment, etc)
  • Exhibition Recommendations: Particularly interested in emerging and mid-career artists working across a diversity of mediums. Prefer focus on one or two shows rather than a round up of 5+. Encourage coverage of alternative spaces and exhibitions outside of New York/LA.

Pitching Guidelines:

  • ​Please tell us briefly about yourself and your experience, please send writing samples
  • Pitches should have the following components:
    • Working Title
    • 100 word summary of the pitch
    • Key artists/interviewees and your relationship to the artist/interviewee (if any)
    • Any relevant links
  • Send pitches via email to with the subject line “Editorial Pitch - Pitch Title”
  • If you are submitting multiple pitches, please send a separate email for each pitch
  • For good examples of articles, see this interview with Levani or this feature about artist Courtney Puckett

Editing Process:

  • 2 rounds of revision
  • Writer will provide short summary text for caption use on social media
  • Partner with us to source images for inclusion
  • For interviews, both interviewer and artist agree to review the final piece.

Compensation: Our rates are $400 for 750-1000 word essays/articles or 1500-2000 word artist interviews.

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