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Published July 29, 2022

Testudo Pitch Guide

Testudo is an online platform built to celebrate artists and create the next great community of artists, collectors, writers, and enthusiasts. With a heightened focus on inclusivity, transparency, and security, we’re on a mission to establish a more equitable and accessible art market for all.

Aim: We’re creating an editorial section to feature work from a rising generation of art writers. Our audience is educated and eager to learn more about art but doesn’t necessarily know everything about art history. The goal of the editorial section is to excite the art & art-curious community and develop an engaged following. We’re seeking original pitches with clear angles and looking to explore new territory

Content We Want

  • Artist Interviews/Profiles: in-depth interviews or profiles with artists working today. These artists do not have to be Testudo artists. We are particularly interested in emerging artists working across a diversity of mediums.
  • Art World Analysis: which works and artists are responding to events, movements, culture that is happening today?
  • Art Intersection: connect a body of work or practice to other fields or industries. We are particularly interested in drawing connections between art and tech, politics, activism, pop culture, etc. but welcome suggestions.
  • Event Coverage: discuss a current museum show, exhibition, etc. Pitches should have some longevity (“8 Exciting Solo Exhibitions this Summer in NYC” rather than focused on shorter shows). As we're a smaller team, these pieces need to be ready to publish soon after the events open.

Pitching Guidelines

Please tell us briefly about yourself and your experience, please send writing samples if you’d like us to read them.

Pitches should have the following components:

  • Working Title
  • 100 word summary of the pitch
  • Key artists/interviewees and your relationship to those artists/interviewees (if any)
  • Any relevant links
  • We are not publishing reviews of artists, work, or shows at this time. 
  • Send pitches via email to with the subject line “Editorial Pitch - Pitch Title”
  • If you are submitting multiple pitches, please send a separate email for each pitch
  • For good examples of articles, see this interview with Levani or this round-up of artists in the Royal Academy show


Our rates are $400 for 750-1000 word essays/articles or 1500-2000 word artist interviews.

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