Our Company

Testudo is a platform built to celebrate artists and create the next great community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Our model offers artists a higher percentage of sales, giving them more freedom to create. By purchasing artworks on Testudo, collectors directly support these artists. 

While we hope a work always remains with the initial collector, if the need arises, collectors have the ability to resell a work to a new loving home. When that work sells, the original artist receives a portion of that sale through a royalty. Our closed ecosystem offers collectors a way to resell work and ensures artists remain engaged in that process.

With a heightened focus on inclusivity, transparency, and security, we’re on a mission to establish a more equitable and accessible art market for all.

Our Values 


  • Our diverse community of artists work across a range of mediums. Through interviews and commentary, we offer approachable context to explore their respective practices.
  • We are committed to creating the best collector experience possible. We also believe that collecting is not the only way to support artists and engage with their work.


  • At Testudo, artists keep 90% of the list price so that they have more to fuel their creativity. Whenever an artwork resells on Testudo, the original artist receives a 5% cut of that sale. 
  • Our prices are not upon request. All pricing information is available for any collector to see.


  • Ensuring art reaches its new owner safely isn’t easy. We partner with experienced art shippers to manage packing and shipping so that artists and collectors can avoid these headaches. 
  • Our closed ecosystem enhances security at every step. Works only enter directly from the artist. Every time an artwork resells on Testudo, it returns to our facility for inspection and verification. ​​

Our Team

Testudo was founded in 2021. The tortoise, which is the translation of our name from the original Latin, embodied our vision. Just as the shell is its source of strength and protection, we are establishing a closed ecosystem where artists and collectors can thrive within a platform committed to equity, transparency, and security.  Working out of Brooklyn, the Testudo Team, is eager to build the next great community of artists and collectors. 

Co-Founders: John Dennehy & Kirby Voigtman
Artist Outreach: Connor McNicholas
Content: Kate Parvenski