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Donny Nie

Donny Nie (b. 1997) is a Chinese-Canadian interdisciplinary artist. She received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BFA from OCAD University. Nie is currently a visiting assistant professor in the College of Visual Arts and Design at University of North Texas.
She has exhibited in Canada, the United States, and China. From large-scale oil painting, monotype, digital projection, to small-scale ceramic and glass form, Nie’s interdisciplinary abstractions coalesce to manifest an intuitive, gestalt experience. Her mediums examine proximity as a visual and metaphorical instrument, to simplify or complicate information over different courses of materialities, and eventually inform each other in the same exhibition space.



2019-2021   MFA - Fiber and Material Studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2015-2019   BFA - Drawing and Painting & Minor in Illustration, OCAD University


2022-2023   Visiting Assistant Professor, Studio Art Department, University of North Texas
2019-2021   Teaching Assistant, Fiber and Material Studies Department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2021   Teaching Assistant, Printmedia Department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


2022   Edging, FLXST Contemporary, Chicago, IL
2022   MFA Thesis Exhibition, SAIC Galleries, Chicago, IL
2022   Now Streaming, Visual Arts Mississauga, ON
2022   It's All Right, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL

2021   Anonymous Crystal - Solo Exhibition, Guangdou Dow Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan, China
2021   Portraits of Resilience(online), Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, ON
2021   Off The Screen, Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto, ON
2021   A Residue You Find on Your Fingertip, SITE Gallery, Chicago, ON
2021   Virtual Out of Order Exhibition, Maryland Art Place

2020   Off The Screen, Propeller Art Gallery, Toronto, ON
2020   Prism(virtual), Envision Arts
2020   Congruence(virtual), I Like Your Work Podcast
2020   INCUBATOR, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
2020   Abstract Lunch, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
2020   Art Prom, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

2019   CAP-Xhibition, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
2019   OCAD University Artist Showcase, Bloor-Yorkville, Toronto, ON
2019   IDEAL: The World As We Want It, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
2019   Emerging Artist Exhibit, Artusiasm, Toronto, ON
2019   Emerging Now, Bau-xi Gallery, Toronto, ON
2019   Exuberant, Woman's Art Association of Canada, Toronto, ON
2019   104th GradEx Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2019   Toro - A Solo Exhibition, OCAD U Learning Zone, Toronto, ON
2019   The Picture Show, OCAD University, Toronto, ON
2019   Experiencing Perspectives 2018-2019, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, Mississauga, ON

2018   The Next Big Thing, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, ON
2018   Hamilton Youth and Emerging Art Fair & Exhibition, Hamilton Arts Council, Hamilton, ON
2018   Awenda Inspired, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto, ON
2018   Notes from the Wind, OCAD U Learning Zone, ON

2017   SOMETHING DIFFERENT: 32nd Annual Juried Exhibition, Scarborough Arts, Toronto, ON
2017   A Festivus For The Rest of Us, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2017   Zine Power: the OCAD U Zine Library 10-Year Anniversary Exhibition, Toronto, ON


Corporate: Macdonald’s(Canada), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Greenland Minerals(Australia), WonderFi(Canada), Liquid Meta(Canada), Holy Cow!(Canada), Guangdou Dow Technology Co., Ltd.(China), Amcomri Media Group(Canada), Evermore(Canada), DevvStream(Canada), Vida Carbon(Canada).

Private collections in Canada, the United States, China, and Korea.

Artist Statement

Painting is the matrix of my practice, my device to process time in various rhythms: stretch one mark to an animation, or reduce one memory to an impression. My research ponders painting as a virtual identity, a persona with encoded privacy and portals of disclosure. My paintings maintain a rectangular format to construct a framework for my sculptures: my brushstrokes in an immersive space, to break the conventions as a means to violate, exceed, or liberate.

My prints and digital images focus on the exhaustion and exuberance of a two- dimensional imagery, through an accumulative illusion illustrating an overwhelming potential in composition. My sculptures meditate singular gestures, contextualize a brushstroke by projecting it into a three-dimensional capacity. They are aspiring objects suspended between paradoxical states: an abstraction that is a molten physicality, an illusion of ephemerality that crystallizes to pursue permanence.

Via transformation in both optical and chemical states, mystified alchemy of my artwork draws attention onto a sensual experience to exemplify the state of proximity. I am driven by an obsession with transparency as a metaphor to capture the impossibles, the invisibles, the ethereality. The works materialize as a desire to archive, control, and situate within an ever-changing time.